23 Oct

CASE STUDY: 30 Year Anniversary & Product Launch

Greg Anderson


Our client, a mature pharma company, was celebrating it’s 30 year anniversary with a product launch leading up to exhibiting at a large Canadian Congress. We were tasked with finding a unique and extravagant venue that could speak for itself, and to source a variety of entertainment for the Saturday night reception, smack dab in the middle of the Canadian wedding season.

The event would act as a pre-congress energizer to get the attendees motivated about the upcoming product launch. Our client wanted to ensure attendees had a VIP and memorable experience, while staying within the clients predetermined budget. With 150 attendees, it was important that we ensured the client did not feel confined to one space or over crowded.


We got to work narrowing down to 8 venue options for our clients, none of which worked after site visits to each with our client. It took our team three months of sourcing internally, relying on local Canadian contacts that live in Toronto and our own destination knowledge to find the perfect place. We finally settled on the only venue that take the client’s breath away – Casa Loma.

Once we contracted Casa Loma, we were advised we did not actually have the entire venue buyout due to a wedding in the lower part of the castle on the days of our meeting.

The entertainment was divided into 3 parts which spanned the night of the event. The first activity to open the evening was a lumberjack who did a live wood carving of a bear to represent the wilderness of Canada. The night continued with a maple taffy serving station, where staff prepared fresh maple syrup stretched over ice to the consistency of taffy, a Canadian delicacy.

The next piece of entertainment really provided the wow factor the client was looking for. A dancer in a massive champagne glass performed in the center of the dance floor while a popular Canadian DJ-ing duo began their set which would continue through the conclusion of the evening.


We were able to negotiate for our clients a discount of $5,000 on F&B minimum due to the challenges with the venue not actually being solely ours, as contracted. The evening was a success, and evoked the feeling the client was looking for. We were able to ensure that all onsite communication between client and staff went smoothly. We also hand-delivered the wood carved bear from the event to the nearby convention center where it could be displayed and act as a discussion piece for the life of the congress.

We continue to support this client in future programs they host. Feedback from the client was fantastic and communicated regarding how amazing it was not only to work with our team but also how easy it was for them to enjoy their evening knowing everything was under control. The attendees all left energized for the upcoming congress and excited to share their experiences with the rest of the attendees at the congress.