25 Mar

CASE STUDY: 80’s Party of the Decade

Greg Anderson

The challenge:

We were tasked with creating a multi-city 80’s themed party. Both events were held in two separate locations, the first in Philadelphia, and second in Colorado on two separate nights. From décor and design, to entertainment and vibe, everything was themed to reflect some of the most awesome features of the 80’s decade.

The space in Philadelphia was a big challenge. It included a blank space with concrete floors which required a lot of attention from the team. This task was a tough hurdle for us because of the clients small, restricting budget. In the end we were able to create an awesome multi-color dance floor where our 80’s themed entertainment was able to get the crowd going.

The solution: 

Our team decided it would be more cost effective to order all of the 80’s props through Amazon versus outsourcing the décor element. We also saved money by creating all of the table arrangements ourselves which included a plastic box that looked like cassette tapes. The boxes were topped with neon tools with 80’s themed cardboard cutouts of 80’s sunglasses, rubrics cube, and 80’s sayings. Below the boxes were neon napkins, jelly bracelets, stickers and things guests could grab and go for fun photo ops!

In Colorado, we brought in a black and white checkered dance floor and had a custom made ‘step n repeat’ game. We created one big multicolored mural brick wall, with velvet curtains, 80’s props, wigs, headbands, and inflatable boom boxes. We used this space as a large area for guests to take themed photos. We also had life-sized cardboard cutouts of an 80’s couple that guests could put their face through and take pictures with!

The results:

We decorated the long sidewalk from the hotel to the outdoor pavilion with PacMan decals, and also themed the massive pergola over the entrance with 150 slinkies, some coming straight down, some sideways. This created a long entrance walkway with a slinky ceiling! The team also rented arcade machines, the guests were thrilled with these but PacMan turned out to be a little more stressful than most remembered.

The entertainment for the night was nothing short of ‘totally radical’! From the bright blue eyeshadows, hot pink mohawks, and break-dancers, to the elaborately dressed DJ spinning the hippest 80’s tracks, everyone was feeling more like their younger selves in no time! Attendees were even encouraged to wear costumes and compete in the ‘totally tubular’ costume contest.

By the end of the night guests were left feeling like they had stepped into a time machine. The feedback from the client was positive and the night was exactly what they had hoped for. By creating our own centerpieces we ended up saving the client $20 per table!

“Working with Kara from GET Destinations on our 80s themed party not only led to a successful party, but awesome attendee feedback. It was mentioned that the group had an amazing time and we were thanked for the creativity that went into the evenings décor and entertainment!” – Project Manager, Client Feedback